Powder coating

With Tammet’s modern and effective powder coating line, we can coat large and small amounts of varied metal products with high quality, according to the RAL colour chart or other standardised colours.

The maximum sizes for materials are: height = 1800 mm, length = 3000 mm and width = 400 mm. Our professional staff is delighted to answer your questions.

Our coating line works in the following order

  1. Twice repeated alkaline wash removes dirt from the product.
  2. Twice repeated rinsing removes all detergents from the product.
  3. Oxsilan pre-treatment prepares the surface for bonding and corrosion protection.
  4. Rinsing removes residue from the Oxsilan pre-treatment.
  5. Powder coating in colours requested by the costumer.
  6. Treatment and packaging according to customer wishes, for example, by adding labels or safely packaging the material before delivery.