Construction site staircases make moving around the site easier. They can be found in six different lengths and two different widths; 70 cm and 100 cm. The wider staircase is measured for two workers to be able to move side by side on the stairs. When connected together, two staircases can reach a height of 4.75 m.

Assembling and transporting construction site staircases is easy. If necessary, staircases can be assembled to desired size before transportation to the site. They are also easy to assemble on site. All staircases are delivered with two handrails. When the rails are attached, the stairs can be moved into place with an appropriate lifting device. The stairs can be folded for transportation.

The stairs can be assembled at a 30°- 55° angle (in Finland 30°- 45°). The stairs lock once they are set at the desired angle. The steps remain in a horizontal position regardless of the angle of the stairs. The steps are made of perforated panels with a rough surface that prevents slipping.

The staircases are made of galvanised steel. All Tammet stairs are designed and manufactured according to the European standard EN12811 for temporary structures.