Ceiling meshes

Precision-made Tammet ceiling meshes give interior spaces a light and airy feeling. These meshes cover the installations behind them and form a stylish and modern surface.

With ceiling meshes you can cover both interior and exterior surfaces. Tammet’s ceiling mesh selection is fitted for 6 x 6 m, 6 x 12 m, and 9 x15 m module sizes. Other sizes are also available by order. Tammet ceiling meshes are made by welding steel wires. They are suitable for public spaces such as lecture halls, exhibition halls, lobbies, corridors, office spaces, etc. They can also be used for interior surfaces of walls or in exterior spaces for underlying surfaces of shelters.

The meshes can be powder coated with epoxy polyester or polyester powder paint according to the RAL colour chart. Epoxy polyester powder coating is utilised for interior use and polyester powder coating for exterior use or other demanding weather conditions or damp interior spaces.